The FSFA was established in 1968

It is a family oriented, nonprofit organization dedicated to promote and advance the enjoyment of sport fishing in the Space Coast area and throughout the state of Florida. The Club is actively involved in resource conservation, artificial reef building, youth projects and community service. Through education and economic contribution, the FSFA strives to do its part to preserve and enhance the precious marine resources for future generations to enjoy.

The FSFA formed an Angler Rating and Competitive Angling System including Club Records that serves as a means for each member to achieve rating levels of competence and advance to the highest rating of "Grand Master". It also provides a means for members to compete on an annual basis for points accumulated and many associated awards.

Refer to the "Grand Masters" section to review the names of past and current FSFA members who achieved this highest rating level. You will no doubt recognize some of the names as being among the best anglers and guides in the area and throughout the state.

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2015 FSFA Offshore Slam

The FSFA Offshore Slam is an annual tournament hosted by the Florida Sport Fishing Association (FSFA) in Cape Canaveral, Florida. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place prizes are awarded to the 3 largest catches of each of the eligible 5 species. The Prestigious SLAM trophy is awarded to the boat that weighs the heaviest total for combined fish of 3 different, eligible species.

Early on-line registration is now available for the 47th FSFA Offshore Slam. To be held at Sunrise Marina on Saturday June 6.. $17,500 in prizes, $5K for largest fish.. $2K to the Slam winner.

$175 includes tax. Register early and receive a raffle ticket for rod& reel ( only for early registrants), 25 raffle tickets for Capt Expo and a few extra items in your Captain's bucket!

Live Entertainment, Raffles, Food & Refreshments!
Even if you’re not fishing, join us on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at the weigh-in at Sunrise Marina for live entertainment, raffle prizes and giveaways, as well as food and drinks.

Fishing Reports

  • Trout in the Banana River by John Durkee 5/19/15 Just before sunrise large schools of bait are filling the shallows of the north Banana River.  Smaller fish (slot or just under) hitting topwater, light color jerk baits and anything that looks like a mullet.  As the sunrises and the air warms the bait goes goes down, along with the fish. The bottle-nose dolphin also show up for breakfast.Tossing this morning I missed two larger fish, landed two small ones then found my 10 point trout on a suspending hard bait.  Weighed just over 5 pounds measuring only 25" caught on 10 pound test.  Fish are very aggressive and feeding on the bait schools.Sure is nice to see trout back in the river.  This is early morning ...
    Posted May 23, 2015, 8:01 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • This week’s forecast by Captain Alex Gorichky In-shore Get out those topwater plugs folks.. Fish them early and later when the sun is low. Walking-the-dog is the way to go. Sure chug bugs and other inline plugs work, but to really call them in you need to get that side-to-side. Tons of plugs do it! Some easier than others! Lighter winds and an uptick in moisture as we head into the weekend could get those tarpon poppin, so check your favorite backwater “flow” area. A bit of wind is forecast over the holiday weekend, but don’t shy away from those windy shores. The turbulent water can put fish on the bite for sure. Near-Shore Well the winds have made it ...
    Posted May 19, 2015, 11:20 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Inshore Fishing Trip by Peter Deeks 5/18/15 (FSFA auction winners) Today I took out the lucky winners of the FSFA Inshore Fishing trip . We landed ten trout, the largest 28", before running outside to the tarpon grounds. The wind settled down nicely and we went 2 for 4 on the tarpon. One about 70lbs and the larger about 90 lbs. a first for both anglers. Capt. Peter Deeks, Jr.
    Posted May 19, 2015, 11:14 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Central Florida ShootOut by John Dobbins 5/16/15 Your report Saturday, 16 May 2015.  Central Florida ShootOut.  Stayed too long at the drawing so it threw off the plan that I had set.  With a Trout tournament going on at the same time, decided to target Reds and Snook.  2300 started fishing at Preachers.  Plenty of bait, a couple of small pops, give it up and head South to the Wabasso Islands.  Same story, bait all over, again a few pops, but nothing worth catching.  Further South to the cut where two trips ago I saw good fish.  Loaded with bait.  Several light taps on the Trigger X  jerkbait, nothing big.  In the spot where I had lost a good red, good solid hit.  Good fight, thinking Red ...
    Posted May 18, 2015, 7:39 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
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Recent Announcements

  • FSFA Grant Report Dear Mr. Durkee and Members of the Florida Sport Fishing Association, Thank you again for the grant to assist in the purchasing aquarium tank set-ups for my classroom. With your generous grant of $500.00 , I was able to purchase three 20 gallon tanks with filters, heaters, lights, and gravel. I will be setting those tanks up with my students next academic year to introduce animal husbandry and the offspring of my breeding angelfish will be used to demonstrate genetics to all of my biology students and biostatistics to my AICE Biology students. I’ve attached photos for you to see of the angelfish and tanks. Wishing you and all of your members good health and great fishing, Johanna ...
    Posted May 19, 2015, 11:09 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Volunteers Needed May and June are very busy months for the FSFA and its key sponsors. There are three key events coming up and volunteers are needed for all of them:May 15 - Melbourne Auditorium - Captains party for the Central Florida Shootout, presented by Strike Zone 4:00 PM - 9:00 PMMay 16 - Weigh-In for the Central Florida Shootout - Sunrise Marina, Port Canaveral and Capt. Hiram's, Sebastian 10 AM - 6 PMMay 17 - Awards Presentation for the Central Florida Shootout - Grills Riverside 9 AM - 3 PMJune 5 - Kiwanis Island Gym - Captain's Expo for the FSFA Offshore Slam 4:00 PM - 9:00 PMJune 6 - Sunrise Marina - Weigh-In and Awards Presentation for FSFA Offshore Slam 8 ...
    Posted May 7, 2015, 6:51 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Grouper fishing reopens May 1 in Atlantic, Monroe County waters Anglers targeting grouper in Florida state waters of the Atlantic, including Monroe County, will be able to take home some of their catch starting May 1, when the season for several species reopens to recreational and commercial harvest. The following species will reopen to harvest May 1: gag, black, red, yellowmouth, yellowfin and tiger grouper; scamp; red hind; rock hind; coney; and graysby.The harvest of these species of grouper will remain open until Jan. 1, 2016. These species are closed annually from Jan. 1 through April 30 each year as a measure to ensure the long-term sustainability of Atlantic grouper species. State waters in the Atlantic are from shore to 3 nautical miles out.Recreational anglers targeting these ...
    Posted Apr 30, 2015, 7:35 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Lionfish Removal Day Celebrate Florida’s first annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day May 16 with FWC and partners           Are you ready to find out how many lionfish can be removed from Florida waters in one weekend?           The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is celebrating its first annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day by hosting and promoting a weekend of exciting events across the state, starting Saturday, May 16, including a festival in Pensacola.           Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day (established to be the first Saturday after Mother’s Day each year) was created by FWC Commissioners to help draw attention to the lionfish issue. Lionfish are a nonnative, invasive species that have a potential negative impact on native species and habitat ...
    Posted Apr 30, 2015, 7:34 AM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
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2014 FSFA Annual Awards

  • 2014 FSFA Heavyweight Awards 2014 Heavyweight Awards - heaviest of each of the 12 prescribed speciesPhoto from left to rightFloyd Okerlind - 6lb 4oz BowfinDale Badgett -  29lb TripletailMark Wilson - 19lb 7oz SnookRyan Vetsch - 50.75" Redfish and 8lb 4oz Largemouth BassChris Delaney -  25lb 2oz Grouper and 32lb 11oz DolphinMark Whitmire - 25 lb 4oz Catfish (also a New Club Record)John Dobbins - 1lb 5oz Panfish (speck)Not pictured:Morgan Nelson heavyweight Cobia and King MackerelCorey Nail  heavyweight SeatroutFive to One AwardsThese are awarded for successfully landing a fish that weighs at least 5 times the main line test strength.. recognizing skillful angling.Steve Collins   with a 45" Redfish on 4lb lineBill Kosiba  with a 50lb shark ...
    Posted Jan 28, 2015, 6:21 PM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • The 2014 FSFA Division Champions The 2014 Division ChampionsJunior Champion with 70 annual Points:  Hunter DelaneyWomens Champion with 80 annual Points:  Cassie DelaneySaltwater Champion with 150 annual (saltwater) Points:  Chris Pashos2014 Tackle Class ChampionsJohn Dobbins             Ultralight  (line test up to 4lb)Bill Kosiba              Spin  (line test 5-10Lb)Chris Delaney            Light General - (line test 10-20 lb)Dan Thompson     General (Line test 20-80lb)
    Posted Jan 28, 2015, 6:20 PM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • 2014 FSFA Club Champions On Saturday, January 24th, almost 170 members & guests joined to recognize 2014 FSFA Club Champions.Congratulations to the following Champions:TOP PHOTO: As voted by a committee of Grand Masters the 2014 Fish of the Year is awarded to Steve Collins for his 45" Redfish landed on 4lb Ultralight Tackle.BOTTOM PHOTO: Congratulations to Ryan Vestch with 200 annual points he earned the FSFA 2014 Overall Club Champion.
    Posted Jan 28, 2015, 6:20 PM by Florida Sport Fishing Association
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